Microsoft OneGet open source project

Microsoft are working on a package manager they’re currently calling OneGet.  Interestingly it’s being developed as an open source project on

Microsoft have an Open Source group and a guy from this group is now working with the PowerShell team on a software package manager.  So a community project may make it into Windows 10.

I currently use AppInstaller, an on-premise software repository and deployment tool. AppInstaller deals with package version control, dependencies (eg install this first, then that) and grouping apps together as server roles or per-department app sets (eg developer PC gets the common apps suite including 7zip, Office, Acrobat Reader and then gets the developer apps like Visual Studio, intelliJ, Git etc..). It also deals with OS compatibility so you get right package for each OS edition (XP, 2008, Win7, 2008R2, 2012R2).  AppInstaller is called from Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (builds), shutdown scripts (easy software deployment by AD group membership) and System Center Config Manager (adhoc scheduled changes).

I’ll be keeping an eye on how this project develops.  The package testing component is particularly interesting. AppInstaller currently does has a fire-and-forget approach to software deployment and some post install test to check if the software install was successful would be an improvement.

Good overview of OneGet at their last online meeting:

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