SharePoint stretched farm

Installed SharePoint as a Google like search engine for documents on filers.

Configuring it as a stretched farm (servers in multiple sites) with a SQL backend.  This is overkill for a search site, but makes it possible to failover SharePoint to DR site an will be useful if it’s used as a doc library in future, or for SQL 2014 data analytics. Also SharePoint automatically shares the indexing work between servers in a farm.

Using to script the install of SharePoint 2013 SP1 + extra hotfixes and more prerequisites. This suits deploying multiple servers with the same config.

Using to edit the AutoSPInstaller XML config file

Fixed issue with script looking up service accounts by AD attribute sAMAccountName (20 char max length) instead of Name.

Fixed issue with script not using NTLM to download pre-requisites via proxy.

This is absolutely dependant on your filers having a sensible NTFS security model or you won’t be able to grant a service account Read Only access to index all the documents.

Very happy with SharePoint as a search engine for documents on filers.  There’s a lot to learn when starting out with SharePoint as a platform.



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